Discover The Meraki Resort in Hurghada Egypt

The resort

It is a fantastic location with so many areas to choose from and beautifully laid out. You can find yourself in a new area everyday. The deco is perfectly set for the landscape and there are lots of little touches making it perfect for holiday pics. Like the old tree stumps seton the ground with a swing on them in random places making for a great photo.

The staff

I found that all staff are friendly and genuinely want to make your stay as great as possible. I want to especially mention Mohammad Hussny who looked after our group in 503, 506 and 508. He always was smiling and happy to see us and would go out of his way to make us comfortable. Mohammed is great!

Mohammad was Great!

Also Ahmed Salah at the Aqua beach bar close to the football pitch, he just brightened up the day when we would pass by for a drink.

I don’t know the name of my third mention but he works at the Greek restaurant bar in the day and was very friendly and would also go out of his way to help us.

The Restaurants

The buffet has a great variety at all sittings. Breakfast has an omelette station with lovely omelettes and will make you fried eggs if you want and the bread and croissants are fresh. Lunch and dinner have different offerings every day and at dinner there is an outside area with coal bbq that is very tasty.

There are a bunch of a la cart options as well including a noodles and burger place. The burgers are really good and have quite a few choices. The pizza restaurant has a variety of pizzas with a lovely crust that is definitely worth a try.

We tried the Asian restaurant and it was top notch! All the dishes didn’t disappoint at all! We wanted to try the Egyptian restaurant but it was fully booked.

The beaches

There are four beaches. The three main ones in front of the hotel and one small cove out on the point. The cove is really nice to get away to with a great bar and close to the pizza place. The other three are similar but the one in front of the Greek restaurant is very shallow so to swim you would have to walk far out quite a way but we liked it for just relaxing in the water with a cocktail!

Some suggestions

Basically the hotel is amazing and we will definitely come again so these suggestions are just some things we noticed but they don’t deter from the amazing trip.

As I mentioned the staff are great, very friendly and try their best to help find solutions if there was a problem but we got the impression that they have been puppet trained in their responses for guests which makes their interaction a bit false. Not a big thing but maybe let them be them.

For the rules of the hotel, which I understand and have no problem following, we found them to be rigid with no flexibility to consider the situation.

For example I ate a pizza at the restaurant and got up with one slice left that I was going to eat as I walked back to the beach. I got shouted at and told I can’t do that. I questioned that and the staff told me it is not allowed. I find that surprising as it is almost as if it would be better to leave the slice to be thrown away as waste rather that letting me eat it as I walked.

We were on the beach with a small speaker, note the rules state no personal speakers in the room or areas with active guests, a staff member came to tell us we can’t do that. I would agree if we were bothering others as I would not want to be bother either but in this situation we were alone.

Music is lacking on the beaches. I know that there are quiet areas but in the other areas there should be some level of music playing to make the atmosphere. This is not the case except at the main pool near the Greek restaurant but even there it is not great and lacks a welcoming atmosphere. Maybe some thought should be given to designate a “party” area at that bar with a DJ that has his/her “finger on the pulse” that creates an atmosphere based on the type of guests to enjoy the music and mingle during the day.

Speaking of “finger on the pulse”, it seems there is a lack of it when considering the music to play at events. The majority of times it seems the preferred music by the entertainment team is club music like house and techno. I like that music but at least mix in more mainstream music as well more often to meet the taste of all there, we are at a beach resort not a city night club. The only event that felt like it was considering all there was the Saturday beach party at the #MERAKI which has a good band play and then the DJ did play a mix of music taste. The White Party lacked variety and felt like they were trying to make it a rave club which was disappointing considering that was the party that was most looked forward to.

I find the menus and offerings confusing as it is all inclusive I would expect the menus to be all included but you have to be careful what you order as some items have to be paid for. This also applies to events, why try to sell us events at night or boat trips that are expensive when we have already paid for an all inclusive trip with food and drinks.

There is a Thursday night club night that has an entry fee and then you have to pay for alcohol as well as an all day boat trip that is very expensive and the staff is constantly harassing and pushing those events on us until we end up upset. I understand that guests from outside the hotel come to the Thursday cloud night but instead of making it a pay for entry and drinks just have the outside guests pay for a single pass to get a wrist band for the night so that the evening can be all inclusive for all. Might make it easier to manage and also more of the in hotel guests will come to the night too.

There is also a lack of good information given in the events that are happening whether on a board or by the entertainment staff. The entertainment staff only want to tell us about the boat party all the time and nothing else. Even when we ask about other included events the staff keep only talking about the paid events.

As one last note that bothered me concerning the entertainment. We were playing with a ball in the main pool and it turned into a great game of water polo with other people joining that we didn’t know. We were playing for about 20 min and in the middle of the game when one of the entertainment staff came up and said to give him the ball because it is Zumba time. Ok fine but he could have done Zumba at the other end of the pool. He then told us all we have to do it. I got out the pool but when my wife and another friend left because he banner was not friendly he actually said to them no respect! I could not believe he would say that to guests! He continued to tell the rest of people in the pool in an aggressive manner what to do but no one was interested so he stormed off. The comes back to the “finger on the pulse” I mentioned above. If the guests are all enjoying a game of water polo ask us if we want to do Zumba, don’t tell us to stop. He could have handled the group in a more friendly and professional manner.

Again to finish I just want to say we would definitely go again as overall it was a great time just hopefully some suggestions would be considered to make it the best experience and greatest resort!

Thanks for reading!

The Ztravel Team

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